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Figs & Rouge

We are delighted to welcome Figs & Rouge to Designer-Beauty.

Figs & Rouge and our award winning balms! 

we had an idea to create a balm that would be completely free from any harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

All Figs & Rouge balms are 100% Organic, 100% Pure and 100% natural.

Style and Elegance - This is very important, what does your lip balm say about you? unique, stylish and creative is the force behind Figs & Rouge designs, pure and organic is our ethos and as you can see, this does not mean boring, glamour and style are much better, we love all our unique tin designs, which of course can be used afterwards as a pill box.

Brand new out from Figs & Rouge Tinted Lip Balms and Hand Creams, which can be found in our Figs & Rouge Category

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