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SBC Gels Reviews

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SBC Gels

The Collections and Reviews

New SBC 100ml Travel Size bottles in Skin Care Gels and Shower Cremes 

New Vitamin ACE

A rich and balanced cream that contains Oxysomes, the latest technology in advanced delivery systems, encapsulating brightening Vitamin C and refining Vitamin E, to moisturise, firm and brighten dry, dull skin.

The Vitamin ACE range contains, Vitamin ACE day and night cream. Body Butter and Vitamin ACE Gel in 250ml and 500ml Sizes

Rose & Argan Collection New for October 2014.

Developed for people who have a quintessentially “English Rose” complexion, The SBC Rose & Argan Oil Collection provides restorative care for those who have a thinner skin, a delicate, fragile complexion and who are perhaps prone to redness and/or a tendency to flush. 

This range is particularly suited to skin conditions such as couperose, erythrose, erythrocouperose. It’s also perfect simply for Rose lovers

Collagen - This collagen collection is a verstile range which will plump, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, The collagen collection is perfect for mature skin.

The Collagen Collection Consists of Collagen Gel, Hand Lotion, Hand Wash, Day and Night Cream, Serum, Shower Creme, Bath Soak and Body Butter.

Collagen 3 in 1 Cleanser available in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml

Collagen 5 Star Reviews - Anything SBC product with Collagen are my absolute favourites without a doubt! I could not live without them, since being diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. It is the only thing I can use on my skin that doesn't break me out or cause dryness. Love, love, love them!

My favourite product is Collagen Gel because it makes a visible difference to my facial lines and leaves my skin soft and smooth

Collagen Gel - Amazing results! I use this everyday and it makes my skin firmer, arms smoother, upper arms tighter! I use this in preparation for holidays, and the results I achieve are amazing! I cannot live without this product

I have been using the Collagen Gel now for sometime along with the Collagen Serum, Vitamin C and the Collagen Masks, I normally suffer from combination skin, so cannot use anything too oily as it just makes my skin really shiny and greasy, I am 40 years old, so I thought I would try the Collagen range as it was recommened to me. I simply love it, it is amazing, my skin is really clear and the lines do seem to be less apparent then before, I mix the Collagen and the Vitamin C together and apply to my face and neck, I have even had compliments on how good my skin looks, I am a big fan of this range and would recommend anyone to give it a try, it really does work!

Arnica - The Arnica Collection is nature's homeopathic answer to ease of general aches and pains, muscluar tension and bruising, Arnica is suitable for both adults and children, this is a must have to turn discomfort into ultimate relief.

New to the Arnica Range - Arnica Intensive Gel 100ml Tube ( new formula)

The Arnica Collection consists of Arnica Gel, Arnica Bath Soak and Arnica Warming Gel

Arnica 5 Star Reviews - My favourite product is the Arnica Gel. I have a very painful condition called Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, which is not helped, except by painkillers. I cannot take these all the time, as they make me feel ill. The I discovered Arnica Gel. It is brilliant! It really works for me. I keep running out, as I am always decanting it to give to my friends to try! I am constantly recommending it!

My favourite SBC product is the Arnica Gel. My mum suffers from very bad Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Arnica Gel really helps her. It makes the pain more manageable and she is able to get round a little better. So thank you for such a great product.

Superfruits Collection - SBC’s Super Fruits Collection contains a wealth of anti-oxidents and vitamins as well as lightening and brightening properties which are vital for neglected skin. Re-invigorate your complexion and revive your skin’s dullness with this fruit-bursting selection of effective, natural ingredients, oozing with fruitful aromas that absorb into your skin leaving you feeling fresh and fragranced.

Aloe Vera Collection Release Date June 2013 - SBC have launched some fabulous new products to the Aloe Vera range, which includes a Shower Gel, Body and After Sun Lotion, Body Butter and Spritz.

These fabulous new products work great on the skin to help restore moisture lost, and contains exeptional soothing agents which provide relief for windburn, sunburn and overheated skin.

The Aloe Vera Collection

The Superfruits Collections consists of Skincare Gel, Shower Creme, Body Butter, Body Scrub, Serum and Hand Wash

Jasmine and Evening Primrose Collection - SBC’s Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil Collection is specifically targeted at those who experience the pressures of daily life. Intensely moisturising, this range of aromatherapy products have been uniquely formulated to provide balancing benefits across all skin types, but particularly to stabilise extreme dryness or oiliness, whilst delivering calming yet uplifting benefits

The Jasmine and Evening Primrose Collection Skincare Gel, Bath and Shower Creme and Body Butter

New for 2015 Camphor and Menthol Massage Gel

An energising massage gel to help ease tired muscles and joints.Combining cooling Camphor and invigorating Menthol with calming Evening Primrose Oil, this botanical infusion of stimulating ingredient will help relieve symptoms of tension and refresh tired areas. This cooling, uplifting gel offers an excellent anti-stree formula to calm and soothe targeted areas of tension and is especially beneficial for alleviating heaviness and fatigue from tired muscles and joints. 

3 in 1 Cleansing and Toning Gel Reviews - Having been in hospital for a month last year, my facial skin reacted badly to my condition and medication. Despite my mature years, I developed more breakouts than I had experienced in my teens. Having tried numerous products on the market without success, I was feeling very low until I learned about SBC's 3-in-1 Cleansing & Toning Gel. It is clearing the breakouts and the facial skin is recovering at last! I am a fan of many SBC products, but the 3-in-1 Cleanser is my hero product and is therefore my favourite!

Cucumber Gel Review -  This is such a difficult choice as I love all SBC products, but my favourite would have to be Cucumber Gel. I suffer from an eye condition called Blepharitis which leaves my eyes very sore and puffy. Cucumber Gel is amazing at soothing my eyes and taking away the puffiness. I could not live without it and always have one in the fridge. Thank you SBC for this amazing product

Vitamin E Gel Review - Vitamin E has been my hero product as I have suffered from acne since I was a teenager. It has helped smooth the skin's surface, including improving the appearance of blemishes and scars on the skin. I cannot live without it. It is the best product I have used

Vitamin C Gel - This moisturiser contains Vitamin C, a well known anti-oxidant. An ideal moisturiser for neglected skin, where it may help improve surface clarity and texture, great to use with the Collagen Gel.

Facial Exfoliating Gel - Containing Jojoba wax beads and Elderflower extract this gel will gently soften, cleanse and ease away surface dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. The rich blend specially selected ingredients creates a surface anti-oxidant, toning and firming effect, making this the perfect facial skin smoother.

Aloe Vera Skin Gel - This gel is calming and soothing, we would recommend this for anyone who has stressed skin, including windburn, sunburn and post hair removal, Aloe Vera is a must have gel during the summer months to use on skin after tanning, it is suitable for the whole family too!

Body Care and Corrective Care

Manuka Honey and Orange Blossom - This range contains a shower creme available in 250ml, 500ml or 1 Litre Bottles, Body Butter and Body Scrub 

Manuka Honey and Orange is enriched with New Zealand's Manuka Honey extract to cleanse and soothe fragile surfaces for improved skin health, This range is also enriched with added Propolis, whilst the relaxing aroma of Orange Blossom will leave skin beautifully scented.

Detox Gel - A collection of stimulating and invigorating extracts in a treatment gel that may help leave your skin feeling healthy and vibrant. Used daily the combined effects of extract of the key ingredients will help stimulate skin. Detox gel works well with Arnica gel to ease aches especially after exercise

Calendula Gel - A soothing, moisturising gel to assist the smoothing of rough and irritated skin. Non-sticky, this gel is easy to apply and quickly absorbed, providing soothing relief to sensitive, rough skin.

Body Exfoliating Gel - This daily stimulating non-sticky exfoliating gel cleanses and eases away surface dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch. The perfect skin preparation before using other body products.

Leg Soothing Gel - This gel provides rapid comfort to stressed or aching muscles and joints. With menthol and camphor to refresh and added arnica and witch hazel to calm and ease, this gel can be applied as often as required, even over tights and stockings without leaving a sticky residue. Ideal for use when travelling. The leg Soothing gel is great mixed with the Arnica Gel for extreme aches and pains. It is also perfect for warmer months when legs get tired and over heated.

Leg Soothing Gel Review - Leg Soothing Gel is my all time favourite. I have just returned from Mexico where my daughter was getting married and this gel helped my legs survive the heat. When other people were complaining about sore legs, mine were always cool and soothed!

Body Firming Gel - Specially selected ingredients combined to improve skin firmness and smoothness. The extract of coffee and grape skin will help stimulate the micro-circulation as the gel is massaged into the skin. Skin will feel toned and invigorated, and smooth to the touch

Echinacea Gel - A complimentary treatment balm enriched with Echinacea, Menthol and Eucalyptus for when feeling under the weather. Use on the skin to release vapours of Menthol and Eucalyptus.

Lavender and Waterlily Shower Creme - Calming and relaxing natural crème skin wash enriched with Lavender essential oil and Water Lily extract to provide conditioning moisture to the skin. Ideal for use on dry, dehydrated skin with added olive oil to moisturise. Used for evening bathing this shower crème will help promote a restful night’s sleep.

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Enjoy the consistent depth of colour, achieved through use of quality ingredients, and the exceptional value of SBC's highly trusted cosmetics collection.

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